A Family Legacy

The Roots of ThirdGen Amusement

The name ThirdGen Amusement is a nod to our deep roots in the amusement and coin op industry. Owner John Ries is the third generation of his family to specialize in all things amusement and coin op. His grandfather started it all with a jukebox sometime not long after the great depression. One jukebox grew to two and eventually they started offering pinballs and other coin op all around western Iowa.

In 1959, John’s dad and mom started their amusement and coin op business in central Iowa. They ran their business out of their small two-bedroom home until the business grew and they were busting at seams!

Both his grandfather’s business and his dad’s businesses are operating today and are still family owned. John’s uncle ran his own routes for several years as well, also in western Iowa. And now, John and two of his brothers are all in the amusement and coin op industry.

John has operated ATM’s in commercial locations for well over a decade in the Kansas City area. And while he always had an interest in pinballs and other amusements, he has a particular soft spot for antique gambling devices. And it was this passion for vintage slot machines that officially led him to formally brand his business as ThirdGen Amusement. Slot machines have always been an interest and are one of his favorite items to repair and collect but John can also help buyers track down pretty much anything coin op. Between John’s knowledge and his family’s years in the industry, there isn’t much that hasn’t been seen, repaired, or tracked down. So let ThirdGen Amusement help you find the right piece for your game room!

The Ries Cafe, circa 1930s

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